A comparative study of MRI versus arthroscopic findings in meniscal injuries of knee

Arvindra Singh Baghel, Khushboo Vinod Singhania


Introduction: Knee joint is one of the most commonly injured joints because of its anatomical structure, its exposures to external forces and the functional demands placed on it. Because of the difficulty of obtaining an accurate clinical examination in the acute setting, the incidence of such injuries is not well understood. Material and methods: The present study was carried out in 30 patients having clinical signs and symptoms of knee injury over a period of 12 months, who were referred to the radiological department from different IPD’s and OPD’s of Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences, Swami Ram Nagar, Dehradun. Results: Diagnostic accuracy of MRI was 86.6% for medial meniscus and 93% for lateral meniscus in our study. In present study medial meniscal injuries was found in 16 patients (53.3%). Lateral meniscal injuries were found in 8 patients (26.6%). Conclusion: In conclusion, the present study supports that MRI is helpful in diagnosing meniscal injuries. Now days patients expectations are maximal and taking into account that MRI false or misleading results can be as high as 20-30 percent in specific knee pathologies. Undoubtly new techniques and more powerful tomograms will improve MRI’s accuracy leading to better diagnostic accuracy in knee injuries.

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