A Study to evaluate the use of Steinmann pin as Poller screw for diameta physeal fracture of distal tibia to avoid angular deformity

Deepak Aher, Suresh Uikey, M Zuber, Abhishek Pathak


Introduction: There are several important technical points thatneed to be observed when using an intramedullarynail to fix diametaphyseal fractures of distal tibia, mainly the angular deformity. Objective: We aimed to describe a technique using 4.0-mm Steinmann pinwhich act like Poller screws, in conjunctionwith intramedullary nails to obtain alignment of diametaphyseal fractures of the distal tibia, andpresent our results. Methods: 25 distal tibial diametaphyseal fractures who weretreated with this technique were identified. Results: There wasno case of non-union or malunion at the last follow-up. all patients had postoperative fracture angulationthat was less than 5° degrees in the coronal and sagittalplanes. Conclusion: Steinmann pinfunction essentially as a Pollerscrew for centralization of the nail and help to ensurereduction. Locking the nail in different directions, appropriatereduction can be maintained until the boneheals and there is no need for additional fixation material.

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