Magnitude and clinico-etiological profileof renal disorders in children – a retrospectivestudyin tertiarycarehospital

K Maheswari, Manikandasamy V, Shanmuga Arumugasamy S, Kiran k, Lakshman k, Brinda k


Objectives: This study was undertaken to know about the magnitude, clinical spectrum and etiologyof renal diseases in children in a tertiary care teaching hospital.Materials and Methods: Thisis a hospital based, retrospective, descriptive study, done on children with renaldiseases admitted to pediatric department of Velammal Medical College, Madurai from Jan 2016 – Dec 2016. Results: Renal disorders are contributing to 4.6% of total admissions. Males (61.1%%), outnumbered, females (38.9%) in our study. Children less than 5 years of age were most commonly affected (47%). Most common symptom in children with renal disorders were burning micturition/increased frequency/urgency(36.4%), fever (29.4%), decreased urine output (28.4%), abdomen distension (25.4%), pain abdomen (18.4%), vomiting (17.6%), red/cola coloured urine (11.6%). The most common sign observed wasperi-orbital puffiness (22.3%), pedal edema and ascitis in (18.8%) each, tachypnea in (10.5%) of children. The most common etiologyof renal disorders was UTI (36.4%), PUJ obstruction (18.8%), Nephrotic syndrome in (16.4%), and renal calculi (14.1%). Conclusion: Our present study has revealed that, the magnitude of childhood renal disorders is in the increasing trend, associated with wide clinical spectrum and predominance of infective etiology. Emphasis is therefore placed on high index of suspicion for atypical presentation of renal disorders andpreventing progression to chronicity.

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