A recent advance in first hour feeding – breast crawl

Varsha Tiwari, Ashish Purohit, Mamta Verma


Introduction: Ideally the baby should receive breast feed as soon as possible and preferably with in one hour of birth. Breast milk is right of every new born. Initiation of breast feeding in early hours, very minute after birth is crucial. Material and methods: A prospective cohort observation study done on 200 research cases & similarly control cases were selected from full term newborn babies delivered vaginally, in one of the tertiary care teaching hospital of central India. Results: Out of 200 full term babies, 166 babies able to successfully crawl within in 50 min. temperature maintenance were found in 98% of BC babies and 64% of non BC babies. Blood sugar normal in 100% of BC babies and 35% of non BC babies. 100% of breast crawl babies were healthy and 95% of BC babies achieved good weight gain after 15 days follow up. Conclusions: Breast crawl helps in faster effective achievement of feeding skill by the baby, getting colostrums, which has many antibodies and antiinfective properties, prevent hypothermia as well as hypoglycemia and boosting neurodevelopment of babies nervous system.

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