Supramitral congenital mitral stenosis: a rare case

Rajkumar M. Meshram, Swapnil Bhongade, Sandeep Chaurasia


Congenital mitral stenosis (CMS) is a rare congenital heart disease and is anatomically divided into typical mitral stenosis, hypoplastic congenital mitral stenosis, supravalvalar mitral stenosis, parachute mitral valve and subvalvar stenosis. A 40 days old male prematurely delivered, very low birth weight was symptomatic since neonatal period was admitted with respiratory distress and not gaining weight. On examination, he had respiratory distress and tachycardia without dysmorphism. He had pansystolic murmur and pulmonary hypertension. Echo cardiography revealed supramitral membrane with mitral stenosis and ventricular septal defect. Clinically congenital mitral stenosis is difficult to diagnose as coexisting intracardiac lesions may mask or unmask the disease.Despite great advances in surgical technique, surgical treatment of CMS is still challenge able particularly in neonates and small infants.

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