Clinical study of prevalence of obesity and over weight among school going adolescents in the age group of 11-17 years of Kangra district

Jamunashree. B, G. V Kumar, Ajay Vaid, Sanjeev Chaudhary


Introduction: According to the World Health Organization (WHO), obesity can be defined as the accumulation of body fat in an abnormal and/or excessive manner showing serious health problems. The disruption of the normal satiety feedback mechanisms, hyperinsulinism, insulin resistance and genetics are some of the biophysiological causes of obesity and overweight. Method: The present study was cross sectional school based study carried out in the department of pediatrics, DR Rajendra Prasad Government Medical College, Kangra Tanda, Himachal Pradesh. All high schools present in Block Kangra, Himachal Pradesh (HP) were enlisted and 10 schools were selected by using simple random method. Results: Out of 1300 children included in the study, 669 (51.5%) children were males and 631 (48.5%) children were females with male to female Ratio 1.1:1. Out of 1300 children 37(2.8%) were overweight and 10(0.8%) were obese, prevalence of both overweight and obesity combined was 3.6%. The number of overweight children ranged from 2 to 10 with percentage ranging from 1.1% to 5.4%. The number and percentage of obese children ranged from 0 to 4 and 0% to 2.2% respectively. In the present study 3% (20) and 1.5% (10) of males were over-weight and obese respectively. Out of 631 females 2.7% (17) and 0% (0) of females were over-weight and obese respectively. Out of 47 (3.6%) children identified either overweight or obese, 4.5% being males (30 out of 669) and 2.7% being females (17 out of 631), showed slight preponderance of males over females. Conclusion: Overweight and obesity among school-going adolescents is a crisis facing even smaller cities in India. Behaviour change communication should be focused to adolescents, especially of the affluent section, toward restricting fast food intake, and Television (TV) viewing.

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