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A cross sectional study: knowledge and practices about diarrheal diseases and ORS in the mothers of under five years children

Kewal Kishore Arora, Shachi Jain Taran, Nidhi Gupta


Background: Diarrhoea is one of themajorkillerin under five years children worldwide. But accurate knowledge and practices about diarrheal diseases and use of ORS as an important tool in the mothers remain low. This cross sectional study was conducted to find out the level of knowledge and practices about diarrhoea and ORS in the mothers of under five children. Material and Method: This cross-sectional study was conducted in 8 randomly selected colonies of semi urban and urban area of Indore district in the year 2017. Mothers who had at least one child under five years of age with one episode of diarrhoeain the past were included in the study. Results: Most of the mothers (61.4%) knew right description for diarrhoea. But very few mother had knowledge about causes (23.6%) of diarrhoea. Verysmall number (26.81%) knew about all danger signs. Majority (91.8%) of mothers knew of ORS though only half 54.5% of them knew correct method of ORS preparation. 81.7% mothers had some knowledge about use of home based fluid. About one third of mothers knew about Zinc tablets (34.6%) and Rotavirus vaccine (37.3%). 44.7% of mother used ORS while 73.4% used home based fluids. Post diarrheal episode only 26.36% of mothers gave extra meal to the children. Conclusion: A strong association is found between knowledge and practices regarding diarrhoea management. Hence health education should be used as a tool to promote knowledge and good practices and reduce morbidity and mortality related to acute diarrhoea.

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