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Modified Small Incision Cataract Surgery (SICS) for combined extraction: A comparison of pre-operative and post-operative intraocular pressure (IOP)

Abha Verma, Priyanka Yadav


Aim: To find out surgical outcome in terms of IOP control, bleb anatomy and postoperative complications after combined surgery by using straight incision. Study design: Observational prospective study. Study centre: Conducted at tertiary health care centre. Material and methods: Study included 22 eyes of 20 patients with senile cataract and POAG (primary open angle glaucoma) who underwent SICS with trabeculectomy using straight incision were included in the study. Detailed anterior segment evaluation with IOP measurement was done on postoperative day one and then weekly for 6 weeks; thereafter at the end of 3rd, 6th and 12th month. Results: Preoperative mean IOP was 33.72 ±12.5 mm of Hg; after one year post-operative mean IOP was 12.41± 3.6 mm of Hg. Bleb was diffuse and flat comparatively. No major complications were seen. Conclusion: Straight incision for cataract extraction as well as trabeculectomy being easier for novice surgeon, with achievement of target IOP.

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