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Semen analysis in smokers and non-smokers

R.S.A. Kiran Singh, Mahathi Thotakura


Background: Semen analysis still remains as a simple, cost effective screening test for evaluation of male in fertility clinic, which provides information on quantitative and qualitative aspects of testicular function. Except in cases of azoospermia, semen analysis does not separate patients in to sterile and fertile group. Objective: The present study was undertaken to perform the quantitative and qualitative Analysis of Semen and to compare the sperm parameters in smokers and non-smokers. Materials and methods: A total of 150 cases referred to Pathology department for semen analysis in Katuri Medical College & Hospital, from September 2016 to August 2018 were included in the study. The following criteria was used in the selection of the participants. Results: The overall quality of sperm was significantly decreased in smokers when compared with non-smokers. Conclusion: Semen parameters like volume, motility, count, morphologically normal spermatozoa were reduced in cigarette smokers when compared to Non-smokers, but only sperm count was found to have a high significant decrease in Smokers (P: <0.01 ) when compared to Non-smokers. In concordance with other researchers, results of present study support that cigarette smoking have a relatively significant effect on semen.

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