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Peer Review Process

Manuscripts with insufficient originality, serious scientific or technical flaws, or lack of a significant message are rejected before proceeding for formal peer-review.
Manuscripts found suitable for publication are sent to two or more expert reviewers for peer-review. At the time of submission, all the authors are requested to suggest two or three qualified reviewers, experienced in the subject of submitted manuscript, but this is not mandatory. The reviewers should not be affiliated with the same institutes as the contributor/s. However, the selection of these reviewers is at the sole discretion of the editor. The journal follows a double-blind review process, wherein the reviewers and authors are unaware of each other’s identity. After receiving the reviewer’s report/comments, the report will be communicated to the authors for possible corrections. Authors will be directed to submit revised manuscript within the time limit, along with a point by point response to reviewers’ comments.



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Tropical Journal of Radiology & Imaging

Medical Research Articale and Review


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Accepted Article Online First


Editorial Board

Editor in Chief

Dr D Sharad Gedam, MD

Professor of Pediatrics

Government Medical College (GMC) & Associated Hospitals Vidisha, Bhopal, MP, India

Chief: Academy of Medical and Health sciences Research, Bhopal, India

E mail: editor.ijmrr@gmail.com


Website: www.ijmrr.in

Phone No: +91-9617225444, +91-8989622793


Assocate Editors

1. Dr. Shridhar G

M.D, D.M (Neurology)

SKS Neuro and Polytrauma Hospital

3-4-1, Station Road, Kacheguda

Hyderabad- 500027

Email: bcosgis@yahoo.com

Website: www.sksneurohospital.com


2. Dr. Liladhar Kashyap

M.D Fellow Endocrinology

Children's hospital Louisiana state university Health Sciences center

200 Henry clay ave, New Orleans, LA-70118, USA

Email: lkashy@lsuhsc.edu

Website:  http://www.lsuhsc.edu/


3. Dr Roopam Jain

MBBS, DNB (Immuno-Hemat & Transfusion Medicine), DCP, CIH,

PGFTM, FTM ( UK , Germany , Mexico ),

Certificate in Cellular Therapy & Regenerative Medicine ( USA )

NABH Assessor, NABL Assessor,

Asst. Prof. and In-Charge Transfusion Services,

C. R. Gardi Hospital,

R. D. Gardi Medical College, Ujjain


4. Dr Rabindran Chandran

MBBS.,MD (Paediatrics).,DNB (Neonatology)

Consultant Neonatologist

Billroth hospital. Chennai.




Indexing & Abstracting

Under Process


Submit Manuscript

Submit Manuscript

Editorial office request all authors to check their Inbox/ Junk / spam mail for better communication. Sometimes mail deliverd to junk mail/ spam in place of inbox.

First time users will have to register at this website. Registration is free but mandatory. Authors do not have to pay for submission of article.If you experience any problem please contact the editorial office by email at editor.ijmrr@gmail.com. After registration author should log in to his account and submit article online from add article page. At the same time also send a copy to editor.tjri@gmail.com
We ensure speedy publication of articles fulfilling the general criteria of scientific significance.

Article Processing fees has been kept nominal. visit Processing charges link for details of Article processing charges. 
 In adition to regular submission process.For speedy processing we are also having fast track processing of manuscript

Author can submit their manuscript by sending directly at editor.tjri@gmail.com as email attachment.

Author can also directly submit manuscript without log in from submit manuscript link.



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Articles are invited for forthcoming issue of all these Journals. Contact editorial office for the same at editor.ijmrr@gmail.com.


Processing Charges


Guide to Reviewer

TJRI encourages reviewers with good experience in Research with a high standard of English language.
Confidentiality is very important in all aspects of the reviewing cycle, we expect the highest standards of professional behaviour from all our reviewers. Reviews should be considered privileged and the information contained within the manuscripts scientifically and commercially sensitive. Author data must be kept securely until discarded by electronic shredding. Courtesy and respect for our submitting authors is essential in promoting the submission cycle of high-quality research. The written word does not always convey tone and all responses must be polite and constructive. They must also be written in high quality English and be justified. It is essential that all reviewers declare any conflicts of or completing interests.


MCI Guidelines fro promotion


Why Publish with Us

Tropical Journal of Radiology & Imaging publishes high quality articles with the aim to support the wider scientific community and future generation of potential academics, scientists and clinicians. We continue to work hard to support our authors who trust us with their work. Here are just some of the benefits we provide:

Access and reach: We continue to submit our journals to all known abstracting and indexing services.

Article processing charges (APCs): Our APCs are niminal.

Article statistics: An author may wish to know how many times its article has been accessed. This service is provided by AMERICAN JOURNAL OF ETHNOMEDICINE.

Copyright:Public health Review authors retain the copyright to their work. When authors retain the copyrights to their work, they are allowed unlimited use and/or distribution of their work without any form of restriction.

Editorial team: All the member of Editorial Board have good exposure in Research.

Expert and rapid peer-review: The average time to initial decision is 10 -15 days.

Rapid Review under Tatkal Scheme: Review process will be fast trcked on authors request. You can contact editorial office for same.

Open access: All journals are fully open access. Authors may archive pre-print and post-print versions of their articles for the purpose of self-archiving or deposit.


Publication Ethics & Malpractice

Authors should obtain ethical clearance from the ethical committee for the study and if requested by the journal’s editorial board, the authors should produce the copy of ethical clearance. It is the author's responsibility to ensure patient's anonymity. In images or illustrations, patient’s eyes should be masked. However, if the eye area is the focus of illustration, patient's nose and mouth should be masked and written consent must be obtained from the patients/legal guardian. Patients' names should be removed from the figures, Radio-graphs, and CT scans, unless written consent is obtained. Studies reporting the experimental investigation on human subjects, procedures should follow the standard guidelines and ethical standards and authors should indicate that study was performed with informed consent from the patients/legal guardian or assent from the children aged over 7 years participating in the trial.


Guide to Editor

Articles submitted to an Open Access Publishing London journal will be initially screened by the Editor-in-Chief.

The Editor-In-Chief may choose to discuss the manuscript with the Deputy Editor and/or the Executive Editor before a decision can be formulated. If it was decided to proceed with the peer-review process, the manuscript can either be handled directly by the Editor-in-Chief, Deputy Editor or Executive Editor or a Handling Editor can be invited. This applies to Associate and Section Editors. The manuscript may be, then, sent for peer-review.

Each manuscript will need to be peer-reviewed by 2 peer-reviewers:

(1) Reviewer Type A: Internal (i.e. Editorial Board Member).
(2) Reviewer Type B: External (i.e. Non-Editorial Board Member).

Inviting further reviewers may be required if there was dispute between the internal and external reviewer reports. We understand that within the resources of the journal the Editor-in-Chief may occasionally make executive decisions after one peer review and an Editor's review.
The Handling Editor can make an initial decision (e.g. to accept manuscript subject to revision). However, the final acceptance requires a senior editorial decision (i.e. by the Editor-in-Chief, Deputy Editor or Executive Editor).
The reviewer will first indicate if the manuscript is methodologically appropriate for AMERICAN JOURNAL OF ETHNOMEDICINE publication pool.

The reviewer's journal specific report should result in one of the following: accept as it is, accept with minor revisions, accept with major revisions, or reject from primary journal.

In order for the manuscript to be accepted for publication immediately or after minor revisions:
(1) Two opinions are needed to accept the manuscript; one should be Reviewer Type A.
(2) Reviewers Type A/B has expressed no major concerns.
In order for the manuscript to be accepted after major revisions:
(1) Two opinions are required to accept the manuscript after the major revisions; one should be a Reviewer Type A.
(2) Reviewers Type A/B has expressed no major concerns during the peer-review process.

A manuscript will be rejected if:

(1) The Editors-In-Chief has rejected the manuscript.
(2) The Deputy Editor or Executive Editor has rejected the manuscript.
(3) Reviewer Type A has rejected the manuscript.
(4) Two out of three opinions have rejected the manuscript.

The Senior Editorial opinion will always prevail.
Manuscripts including statistical analysis will not be routinely forwarded to one of our statistical advisors unless it was requested by the Editorial team.
If any of the reviewers could not decide or there was a disagreement, the manuscript will be forwarded to the Editor-In-Chief, the Deputy Editor and/or the Executive Editor for final decision making.
Initial decision making

The first decision should be ready within four weeks from the initial submission. In case of a disagreement between the reviewers, the first decision will take five weeks. The second decision will take one week after revision, in case of minor revision; but in case of major revision, a decision should be formulated in three weeks. A maximum of three revisions is allowed per manuscript.
If the author is dissatisfied with the decision, he/she can appeal to the Editor-in-Chief, Deputy Editor or Executive Editor. If accepted, the manuscript will be forwarded for another round of peer-review.
If the Editor-In-Chief or Deputy Editor or Executive Editor has rejected the manuscript, no further appeal is permitted